Our services to help you live a healthy life

Our aim is to inspire, educate, encourage you and help you on your journey of healing, self-discovery and evolution through yoga and meditation. We are here to help!

Corporate classes around Perth

We can come to your workplace. Our instructors are fully trained, highly experienced and insured. We can accomodate any number of people, provided there is enough space for everyone. During the class students would generally be on the floor. Although we can run classes sitting on a chair. Read more. 

Man meditating - corporate yoga


Yoga retreats are an opportunity to pamper yourself and delve deeper into your yoga practice. It is a perfect time to reflect, to fully reconnect with your deepest self and expand your awareness. These retreats are a real treat and are quite popular. Stay tuned for our next yoga retreat!

yoga retreat

Home practice

Yoga home practice is great when you don’t have time to come to class or would like to practise more in between classes. We offer short videos and reels for you to practise at your own time, in your own place.

Yoga home practice