Gentle yoga classes for beginners

Gentle yoga class for beginners
Term 3 dates:

Tue, 16 July – Wed, 18 Sept 2024
(10 week term)

  • Tue, 7-8pm
  • Willetton (21 Donald Street, Willetton)
  • with Anna
  • Wed, 9.30-10.30am
  • Willetton (21 Donald Street, Willetton)
  • with Anna
  • Wed, 7-8pm
  • Online via Zoom
  • with Tonia

Our yoga classes are gentle and suitable for beginners, as well as for people with injuries. We offer options to work harder, work less or rest during the class.

Classes run for 60 minutes. We spend approximately half of the class lying on the back. This is to reduce the effect of gravity and to facilitate releases. Most people are comfortable simply listening to the verbal instructions while doing the movements and have their eyes closed. Classes finish with dynamic movements and 10-15 minutes guided meditation.

Please bring a yoga mat or similar to lie on, to class. Spare mats are provided for the first time students during your first class only. Please wear something comfortable and bring a water bottle and something warm for the relaxation (extra jacket, socks or light blanket).

Provided your doctor allows you to practise yoga, you are most welcome to attend. A lot of people with injuries find relief after attending classes, especially people with lower back, knee and hip problems. You should, however, always listen to your body and avoid anything that feels painful to you.

If you are pregnant, please wait until your 2nd trimester, before attending (unless you are already attending) a class).

If you miss your regular class, you can do a make up class, provided it is done within the same term.

If you know that you cannot commit to a whole term and will be missing a few classes, you have an option to pay for a few classes only or pay casually.

Your first class is $19

There is a first week discount for a term – $180 (10 week term).

Casual classes are $22.

You can pay by cash in class or direct deposit.

There is also a link to pay via Eventbrite, which has slightly different rate.

If you decide to come to class at last minute and don’t have time to book, that is fine – we’ll find a spot for you! We do, however, prefer, if you contact us in advance, so that we know that you are coming. Please call Anna on 0433 7686 74 or email at

Online classes are run by Tonia and the access to online class is via a link. Please email Tonia at for details.